Bonnyrigg High School Project

St John Ambulance Training and Community First Aid Centre

This Project was originally mooted between Lion Past President Brian Rope and St John Ambulance Brigade Divisional Superintendent Mr Stan Walden both of whom are on the same Committee at Liverpool Hospital after consultation with Lion Past President Ollie Lassen. The project was first reported to our Club at the Dinner Meeting of 6th November and the Club was assured that there was no financial contribution expected from our Club as a grant to St John Ambulance Brigade of $5,000-00 from Mounties expected to pay for cost of materials with an amount left over to compensate us for our labour.

Ollie acquired a quote from Bunnings who donated some of the materials with an undertaking to paint the renovations when complete. The materials donated by Bunnings represented around 10% discount overall ( Such discount is acquirable by any registered builder) and reneged on the painting when the time came.

Unfortunately the original design was flawed and no provision was made for end supports of the Mezzanine Floor ; Railing for the Mezzanine Floor; Vinyl for the Mezzanine Floor; and steps and railing to the Mezzanine Floor.

The cost of the above materials with the cost of paint more than absorbed the grant from Mounties.

These extras in effect doubled the labour time necessary to complete the job and was carried out by Lions Ollie Lassen, Graham Field and Bob Grimson.

The worst part of the job was working in a metal shed in the Summer temperatures that we have experienced over the last couple of months particularly working on the Mezzanine Floor only around 2 metres from the roof in 50 degree temperatures. On many occasions we went home quite dehydrated.

During the School Holidays Bonnyrigg High School was undergoing a major rebuilding program and the equipment of St John Ambulance Brigade was brought into the shed within which we were working creating a need to move around from time to time – not to mention that a clean up of their equipment will be necessary (by them) as a result of the normal construction dust and dirt.

The P & C Association resolved to make a donation to the Club for work carried out but for a number of reasons this is not to be divulged to other factions of the School.

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